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I’m a Lifestyle Blogger, Good Wytch and Book Author who weaves a little magic into every aspect of my life. I love to set beautiful tables and plant wonderful gardens, talk to my healing herbs and flowers and give endless kisses to my cats. I cherish living a family-centered life filled with plenty of Sunday dinners , and lots of love and enchantment. I always stop what I’m doing for afternoon tea. 

In this newsletter, I invite you into my world as an Urban "Herban" City Wytch—a good-witchy sort of soul with a deep love for elegant and sustainable living, sprinkled with a touch of magic. Together, we'll embark on a captivating journey where nature's wonders, the power of herbs and scents, and the joy of culinary artistry come together in perfect harmony. Oh, and let's not forget about my beloved feline companions who often grace our enchanting adventures.

For me, there's something truly magical about getting my hands in the dirt or creating artful arrangements on dinner plates and pewter platters. I believe in the beauty of repurposing, where Grandma's silver becomes not only a symbol of cherished memories but also a vessel for enjoying home-cooked, home-grown food. Join me as we explore the flavors of locally sourced ingredients and the sustainable practices that support them, from the vibrant farmers market to the bountiful garden.

In my world, every problem finds its solution in the presence of family, proper etiquette, candles, and wine. Afternoon tea, my personal religious ritual, offers solace and serenity (even if I often find myself in tea church in the morning!). As the love-in-food girl, I am on a mission to ensure that everyone can savor something delectable they've grown with love and their own hands, regardless of their living space.

Within this newsletter, you'll discover recipes and suggestions for lotions, potions, soothing herbals, healing elixirs, perfumery, florals, and even some tinctures and liniments for your fur babies. I'll also share my findings of one-of-a-kind vintage accessories, gorgeous fashions, and strikingly beautiful yet comfortable home goods. Expect plenty of gardening advice, and who knows, maybe a good love spell or two!

As an author and IIN wellness coach, I firmly believe that the most elegant prescription for a healthy and satisfying life is found at the end of our forks. Good food and entertaining hold a special place in my heart, with an emphasis on gathering with family. Our collections of beautiful things should be cherished and used frequently, not solely reserved for guests. The everyday dinners we share with our loved ones and the joyous celebrations that punctuate our lives create memories that our children will forever cherish.

A passion for enchanted living flows through my veins, driving me to transform every day into a special occasion. My mother's wise words—"Make everyday a day for candles and wine!"—resonate deeply within me. Life is meant to be celebrated, and every moment can be an opportunity to embrace creativity and joy. Join me in exploring local farmers markets, where the magic of living in harmony with the seasons unfolds. Together, let's discover the wild and wonderful foods hiding in our backyards, fields, and forests, cultivating a renewed connection to the world around us.

I hope this newsletter fills your life with sacredness, the rhythm of the seasons, and the sensory delights that nourish both body and soul. May each season and every day become a remarkable treat for everyone you hold dear.

Inspired by the pages of Victoria and British Country Living magazine ,  I have built Stirring the Senses on Substack. This magical community is full of beauty and celebration and it's where I share my secrets for living a charmed life.

Your contributions inspire and empower me to create my next book and continue sharing my magic with the world. Thank you so much for joining me on this enchanted journey. I appreciate you so very much. 

I live, love and work with Jim , my husband of 40 plus years in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. I like to joke and say that my favorite job right now is that of “Fairy Granny!” Jim and I became first time grandparents in November when our son Alex and daughter in law Angie had their first child, a darling little boy named Wolfgang , aka Wolfie!

I am owned by 17 full sets of vintage dishes, hundreds of books, 3 cats, a dog, several horses, a swarm of wild honeybees, an urban garden full of herbs, fruit, vegetables and old rambling roses, too many bottles of vintage perfume and very soon, a flock of heirloom chickens!

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