A quick intro to who I am: 

My name is Beth Gehring and I’ve been writing blogs since 2003 when I closed my gift and tableware business and began looking for another really creative outlet!

Currently I’m a writer, Health and Life coach who uses an ever-changing seasonal palette of love, life and food to help her readers and clients fall madly in love with their lives. Years of experience as a visual stylist blended with an extensive background in public relations and an emphasis on personal and corporate branding allowed her to work in and eventually become the President of one of the most prestigious Jewelry, Gift and Tableware businesses in Northeast Ohio

I’ve had the distinct honor and pleasure of designing the table settings for several TV series, including “Julia Child Cooks at Home with Friends,” “Julia Child cooks with Jacque Pepin” and the “Todd English and Olives restaurant” cooking show. I created the table setting designs for the books of the same name. I’m completely obsessed with beautiful tables and fabulous food and wine.

Somewhere along the journey, I discovered that many were drawn to me for my ability to teach them to live everyday with passion. So  in 2013 I also became a Health & Life Coach, Board Certified by The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC and by The American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

I love to promote a seasonal, sensual way of living, eating and being & teaching a holistic and seasonal way of looking at your life. I love nothing more than to spend long days in my gardens tending the healing herbs, fruits and vegetables, promoting healing through herbalism, flower and gem essences, aromatherapy and Reiki, cooking gorgeous, healthy and delicious meals for my family (both four-legged and two) and friends while brewing delightful herbal potions to help keep you healthy, gorgeous and sexy all over, inside and out.

My absolute favorite question? “So tell me? What is your secret dream? Lets nurture it!”

I  live and work with my husband of 40 years in Cleveland Heights, Ohio  and I’m owned by 17 full sets of vintage dishes, hundreds of books, 2 cats, a dogs, several horses, a swarm of wild honeybees, a garden full of herbs, fruit, vegetables and old rambling roses, too many bottles of vintage perfume and very soon, a flock of heirloom chickens!

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I’m so excited to welcome you into my Backyard, my Kitchen & my Home.

Let’s play! Let’s have fun! let’s turn our magic all the way up!