Syncing with the Seasons

I love the older ways, the slower ways of being that keep us connected to each other and our planet and I love to write about them. Here you'll find my my seasonal food, home and garden musings and recipes for all kinds of things from soup to soil!

The City Witch News - Come into my garden and sit for a spell!
You know that one dish that everyone remembers you for? This is it!
Dansk Designs has been purchased by Food 52 and I'm going to have to create a new line item in my budget.
The preface to My Wild Herban Garden..
How I learned to bloom where I was planted.
Tell me about your gardens!What do you love to grow and what can’t you live without? Flowers? Herbs? Vegetables? All of the above? And I’d love to know how you use what yo…
The Art of Soothing Cookery
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